Holistic Massage Leeds, provide a range of therapeutic massage services. With a blend of Eastern and Western massage techniques including Swedish and Aromatherapy massage and for those wanting some thing a little different we also specialise in Naturist and Tantric massage.

With a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, Holistic Massage Leeds only use massage therapists with many years of experience. We will make you feel relaxed in ways other masseurs simply can’t! Our aim is to provide clients with an affordable and unforgettable massage experience.

Christmas Special Massage

Warm up for Christmas with our Hot Chocolate Massage! We will use chocolate oil to relax you and after your shower you will receive a lovely warming cup of hot chocolate.

2 Hands – £55 and 4 Hands – ONLY £80!

Stress & Tension

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Virtually every symptom of stress and tension can benefit from massage therapy. It can lower blood pressure, relax muscles and increase “feel good” chemicals, creating calming sensations and relaxation that makes short-term stress much easier to overcome.  In fact, stress relief is one of the first benefits that come to mind when thinking of massage therapy.

Aches & Pains

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Gentle trigger point massage therapy is very helpful at increasing range of motion and decreasing pain. Massage therapy is a terrific way to help with aging muscles in a way that’s safe, effective, and natural. Massage, whether conducted in a softly lit day spa or a treatment room at a physical therapy clinic, is something many people use to soothe sore joints and muscles, to ease anxiety or to help them sleep better.


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It’s well known a great massage creates a feeling of relaxation. The relaxation response is a state in which your heart and breathing rate slow, your blood pressure goes down, your production of stress hormones decreases, and your muscles relax. The relaxation response also seems to increase the available level of serotonin, which is a chemical in the body that positively affects emotions and thoughts.

Specialist Massage in Leeds

Tantric Massage

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Tantric Massage is a Sensual Massage. Tantric massage is designed to give you a taste of the experience of Tantra – it is like a form of body worship using soothing massage techniques. The benefits of the Tantric massage are many and most of the receivers could expect to feel relaxed, invigorated, and completely recharged after a session.  The inclusion of scented oils, soft music, candles, and feathers, combined with the soft and sensual touch of a Goddess makes this full-body naked massage a unique and powerful experience.

Naturist Massage

Naturist Massage Leeds

Experienced and professional naturist massage therapist offering a non-sexual but sensual full body naturist massage. A naturist massage is when both you and your masseuse are completely naked, thus relaxing into a totally different state. This is the gentlest, sensual and most intimate massage available and is relaxing, stimulating and rejuvenating all at the same time.

Aromatherapy Massage

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The subtle aroma of the essential oils fill the air around you during the massage. Aromatherapy massage is massage therapy but with highly concentrated plant oils. When you inhale essential oil molecules during the massage, messages are transmitted that affect heart rate, stress level, blood pressure, breathing, memory, digestion, and the immune system. Aromatherapy massage is particularly suited to conditions involving stress or improving emotionally-related conditions.

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What our customers say …

I have had the pleasure of getting a massage from Anna. It was a fantastic experience and one that I would highly recommend to anyone that is wishing for a relaxing out of this world experience.



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